hope, prayers

The Lord is always on our side, and always cheering us along
sometimes we are too angry or ignorant to see it
but He'll always be there and He, and everyone around us, always want us to come back to Him.
and if not for Him, then for the people around us it matters to.

hot cross buns.

i feel light, i feel happy. i feel hopeful.
i feel like my life is finally happening and it's EVERYTHING I've been waiting for.

i feel like there are a million words floating around in my head, but none of them are right.

i feel all the beauty around me getting more vibrant as
every second takes me closer. 
i fell like finally it's okay, and it really was all for a reason. i'm grateful.

i'm living now,
and taking life fully by the reins and heading in head first.
there's an interesting spirit about me now, that little girl inside me is growing up and becoming a real woman now. a real woman with a lot of spirit in her. now i'm always smiling at new and beautiful opportunities that become the music around me.

i want to run around and tell the whole world.
i want to kiss him on the mouth and have him be forever mine.

my future with him is finally more bright than my past.
he's so real 
and even more wonderfully perfect than i ever thought. he's got this smile that makes me feel innocent and young again. and i blush every time.
he reminds me of better days, of days i forgot i missed.

oh boy...
8 years of wishful thinking, and now it's come to this

bless you,
cami :)