my heart, swollen with deeply hidden emotion.

okay guys, here's the deal.
i'm freaking out inside.
subject 2 just got back from his mission
(more handsome and charming than ever.)
of course.

an update on subject 3,
(since you're all probably wondering)
he's long gone. sadly.
it was a really good ending tho.
i feel bad things needed to end,
but he has more important things in his life
and right now i shouldn't be what he's focusing on.
yet, we've decided to remain close friends :)
i'm proud of our decision.

now back to subject 2.
when he got back i thought
this is a big deal.

guys, he's super super way good looking.
-he's, my down fall in life.
at one point in my life i'd love it if he just
yet the other side of me says
"but what if...?"

a certain friend and her fiance
aren't helping.
they're encouraging, while everyone discourages me.
it's leaving me rather confused.

also, i hung out with a certain friend, fiance, and subject 2,
it was a time of 93,872 thoughts running
wildly though my head.
the most prominent one being

guys, i need to get this stupid boy issue
worked out once and for all.
well, wish me luck on figuring out this messy situation.
love you so much.

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