my countdown.

Favorite Places To Be:
- snuggled in bed
- driving around in my car
- an art museum
- in a history classroom (atwood)
- seminary
- the TEMPLE
- at a friends house
- a sales rack
- the canyon
- Stewart falls.
‘Weird’ Things About You:
- my teeth are too big for my mouth.
- my dad and my grandpa were bodybuilders; thus i inherited their muscles :)
- i loath elbows.
- i played against the Super Smash Bros. world champion for a whole evening.
- my eyebrows sometimes decide to bald? i have never understood it.
- i love to deep clean things; but usually only at other peoples homes
- i recently picked up knitting as a hobby.
- i am the only girl in my family
- i once had a cyst in my wrist

New Year Resolutions:
- read scriptures daily (check)
- make some good friends (check)
- go to the temple weekly (check)
- write in my journal regularly (check)
- find a hobby (check)
- get asked out on a date (check)
- bear my testimony (check)
- enjoy foot massages (check)

Things I’m Thinking Of:
- what to write.
- babysitting today
- him :)
- i need to do my scripture study
- i'm sick of this cold i have
- it's cold in my room
- my new best friend

Things You’re Wearing Right Now: 
- white velvet jacket
- black stretchy pants
- my plastic shirt
- a french braid

Things I’m Worried about:
- missing school today
- tanna
- finding a new job
- my synthesis essay for english
-  if i have a sinus infection or not?

Things On My Floor Right Now:
- my favorite beanie
- my new cool purse
- my longboard
- my whole closet

Things I Want To Do Today:
- hang out with my favorite new friends.
- maybe take another shower?
- paint my nails

Things I’ll Reveal: 
- i'm the happiest i've been in all my life.
- i'm the most scared i've been in all my life.

Secret i'll share.
-my younger brother has kissed more people than i have.

1 comment:

  1. Remember how you were supposed to set me up with your little brother? Is he good with that? (Even though I haven't actually met him.)

    We missed you at lunch today. I sat next to your man. Also, we should probably tell you that we squished four of us in his car and it was... close.

    Miss you. I'm glad we're becoming friends.