Don't let the sadness from the past, or the fear of the future rob the happiness of the present.

             subject 1: sadness; he left on his mission mad at me. we were in love for 2 years and now we don't talk, and now we aren't even friends. it's a relief to me he's gone and i don't have to deal with it, but 2 years goes fast. i guess it's whatever. but it's still so sad to me.

             subject 2: fear; liked him since i was 11, except he was never very nice to me. he found it funny to make me sad. he is the reason subject 1 left mad at me. he comes home from his mission in 3 weeks, and he's expecting to date me. i can't give in. i'm extra nervous and really scared.

             subject 3: happiness; always makes me smile and laugh. we always talk for hours and hours and never even notice the time pass. he's super nice, and super great. i like him, and hope subject 2 doesn't ruin this one also. i won't give up. he makes me so happy.

1,2,3. all phasing me right now.



dreams come true

1. doesn't want to know me
2. ruins everything.
3. is a keeper

third time's a charm (keep your fingers crossed)

cami :)

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  1. this is brilliant.
    i LOVE the picture. it's exactly what i needed right now and the post.. so honest and perfect.
    i like it. :)