this only happens in the movies ladies

i saw a man. his perfection in beauty will not soon be forgotten by my heart, nor my mind.
as i describe him, you need to envision this beauty in your mind in the most flawless, perfect way imaginable.

lets begin.

about 6'3, long long torso.
skinny/slender/lean, but with broad shoulders and the most beautiful defined back muscles (again note the long torso).
white fitted cotton t-shirt, with dark wash slim jeans. zippers on the pockets (ya i looked)

oh, and his HAIR
you know that move men do that makes us ladies swoon?
you know, when they run their fingers thru their long wavy hair?
ya, he did that. and you better believe i swooned.

now imagine the most perfect golden blonde, with natural caramel highlights. with an underlying dark tone, and almost even a little greasy looking.
nothing short of perfection. am i right?

then, he turned and looked at me
i lost consciousness.
chiseled roman nose, bright gorgeous green eyes
dark brows
rugged beard.
holy hell.
is anyone else drooling?

here's the kicker tho, as he walked by he obviously saw i was falling in love with him,
and he so kindly shot me one of his sparkly white crooked smiles.
i must see him again.

if any of you see this man
before you pursue,
please keep in mind,
i saw him first.


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