my dream.

Iceland is the greatest country in the world. if you don't think so, let me convince you otherwise.

1. they are the happiest nation in the world
2. the speak the language of the Vikings
3. all they worry about, it what they are going to create next

everything about that county i love. i love it all. i want it all. i want to go there, live there, raise my kids there. that would be the dream. speak the language, work in Reykjavik, grow old there. everything would be perfect. i'll be honest, what excites me the most is the country side of Iceland. did you know, the reason they only really have one large city is because they gave the rest of the land to the elves? so much country remains in iceland, that is the best. they leave a meadow because it is believed that an elf lives there. no one knows why.

their language is that of the Vikings, old norse. icelanders are true to their heritage, and proud of it. they use the same language they have always used. no new words. even the word for computer is old. i love the language.

*it flows like french
*it's harsh like german
*it's characters are similar to Russian
~it's old norse.

i love it.
ég elska það.

no problem. i'm learning it. now. 
this is one dream i'll never give up on. i'll keep working. i'll keep learning. Iceland here i come!

P.S. <hluti með dreng eru frábær.>

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  1. also. Jonsi is from there. which makes it 10 time better than it already is. i want to learn with you!!!