"one-of-a-kind" kind of person

i'm one of a kind. i found out this weekend that i sleep talk :) it was an interesting experience after hearing about it. i freaked my two best friends out as they took me home. i didn't have a thought process, i just talked and talked and talked. and i called my favorite person and we talked on the phone for over two hours. i don't remember hardly any of the conversation which is interesting. when we talked today we had a good laugh over the things i said the night before. he is so patient with me it's wonderful. i always thank him for it. he told me all about what we talked about and said he thought it was a lovely chat. he told me he was sorry i couldn't remember it. he told me he knew i was asleep but he stayed on the phone because it made me feel better. the parts i do remember make me smile. as i think back to try and figure out how we got on those topics it makes me laugh even harder. i'll never forget this night, even though i have hardly any memory of it. i'm a one-of-a-kind kind of person, it's official. :)

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