my new friend.

last weekend was an interesting one for me. i met a new friend and we connected instantly. we connected so quickly, we also fell for eachother. im scared at first. i don't even know him! i don't know what to do. i'm the kind of girl who always runs from boys. they have only every caused me pain as of late especially, but i have a feeling this one is different. it's coming naturally too, sort of. i'm not running away, i'm scared to death, i'm very nervous, i'm really flattered. everything i'm doing is not my normal. it's becoming increasingly interesting to me how two people connect without any reason at all. like we did. without reason, without knowing. who will ever know why. it's becoming increasingly interesting to me how i'm going against who i am normally to try this out. i don't know why. i'm trying to not run away, i'm trying to keep my mind from taking over, i'm trying to let this happen. i guess i'm willing cuz i feel i know him? we connected. i don't know why, but anyway i have emotions bouncing all around, i needed to express, get them out somehow.
advice will help :)

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